This blog follows the development of the game Able from the point of view of the project leader. Follow me on the development and what I put forward to this project.

The sections on this blog are laid out as follow:

  • Research
    • Research Trips
      • Trips taken in conjunction with the development to see real life places that emulate the world of Able. Pictures are on these posts that of 1st hand reference for the backgrounds and assets of Able.
    • General Research
      • research that has been done in conjunction with the development process to ensure that the game is made the best way possible.
    • My personal reflection on this project and our meetings, citing how I feel at the time and how I feel about the progress of those in my team.
  • Development Notes
    • Project Lead notes and main blog dev
      • Notes to specifically do with me being leader and how I go about that as well as areas of the development blog and how I went about those.
    • Animation Development
      • Following the development of the animations for Able and friends (predominately characters), my processes and behind the scenes looks at the structure of them.
    • Asset Development
      • Following the development of the assets for Able. This includes things such as the background construction and certain assets for the background.

Development Book 1 is the supporting evidence for this blog that cites my ideas and notes about what has been made and developed. Most blog posts will show the page numbers that were written in conjunction of the blog.

For supporting development documents from both me and my team that go alongside this blog please see: Able Development Blog

For marketing material by both me and members of my team please see: Able Marketing Blog

The meeting minutes on that blog have been written by me and note down what each person has done and is doing over each week.